Accessories and options for cubicles

Options for cubicles

• Only for EURONORME 60mm and 70mm diameter and MADISON 60mm diameter cubicles.

• Also allow a board support for each cubicle for secure mounting.


Two-tube panels for cubicles

• Made from 60mm diameter tube for the end part and 49mm diameter tube for the adjustable front part.

• 1.7m long adjustable front part.

• Distance between bars: 30cm.


Attachment for two-tube panels

• Made from 20/10 flat iron bars.

• For highly modular system.

• No need for post embedding.


PALLAS cubicle mat (See DISTRIFARM price)

• Supersoft EVA rubber.

attachment for two-tube panels

Réf. 860600 - 860601 - 860602

Special flange clamp for floating head rail and locking ring

two-tube panels for cubicle

Réf. 860700 à 860703

Cubicle mat (DISTRIFARM)

Réf. TP2001

Fixed head rail wall bracket

Réf. 869103

Adjustable head rail wall bracket

Réf. 869104

Head rail 1/2 wall attachment for 60 x 60 beam

Réf. 869107

Head rail single clamp

Adjustable brisket board for cubicles

Head rail solid flange clamp