Panels and gates

Five-Bar Panels and Gates

•  Five-Bar Adjustable Length Model (L.V.5.)

• Made from 60mm diameter tube for the end part and 49mm diameter tube for the front part with adjustable length.

• Adjustable hinge for offset level.

• Height: 1.15m.

• Distance between bars: 21cm.

• Can be raised by turning it over.

• Front part length: 1.7m

• With locks

•  Five-Bar Adjustable Length Model (L.V.5.)

Panneau LV5

Réf. 861700 to 861705

LV5 gate with locks

Réf. 861800 to 861806

LV5 front gate With lock

Réf. 990015

LV5 front panel

Réf. 990014

Front with space for drinker

Réf. 990025

Front with space for trough

Réf. 990024

Single calf access

Réf. 861807

With PATENTED rollerOnly on LV5 panels

LV5 worker access with inbuilt gate

Réf. 990070

Worker access

Réf. 990039