Panels and gates

Four-Bar Panels and Gates

•  Four Bar Adjustable Length Model (L.V.4.)

• Made from 60mm diameter tube for the end part and 49mm diameter tube for the front part with adjustable length.
• Adjustable hinge for offset level.
• Height: 1.15m.
• Distance between bars: 30cm.
• Can be raised by turning it over.
• Front part length: 1.7m
• With locks

•  Four Bar Adjustable Length Model (L.V.4.)

LV4 panel

Réf. 861501 to 861506

Barrière LV4 verrous dans l’axe

Réf. 861601 - 861606 and 861610

LV4 front gate

Réf. 990005

LV4 front gate

Réf. 990006

Front with space for trough

Réf. 990026

LV4 front calf access

Réf. 861611

Front with space for drinker

Réf. 990027

Cow access with 2 gates

Réf. 990060

LV4 worker access with inbuilt gate

Réf. 990075

Worker access

Réf. 990038